Local Curriculum Design Tool

There are four tools in the Designing Local Curriculum toolkit that local curriculum communities can use to help develop their local curriculum.
Te Whāriki and The New Zealand Curriculum underpin these tools.

The tools are designed to help your local curriculum community add value to the educational experience of your ākonga, beyond what can be offered by your individual schools, kura and early learning settings. They provide opportunities to make structured but flexible evidence-based choices as you create a local curriculum that enriches the coherence and depth of the learning opportunities experienced by all your ākonga.

Explore the tools

This Toolkit for designing local curriculums has four tools.

Coherent Pathways

Ensure learning continuity for your ākonga. Create statements at key transition. Capture and share capabilities your community believes are too important to leave to chance.

Relationships for Learning

Identify and share community relationships to support your local curriculum community. When a child learns from their community, they see how community works and how they can contribute.

Rich Opportunities for Learning

Design learning opportunities for ākonga to contribute to their communities and build their capabilities. Learning opportunities can build and strengthen both community and ākonga.

Collaborative Inquiry

Probe into issues. Establish focus areas, develop inquiry proposals, monitor progress, and share findings. See and respond to variations in teacher practice and ākonga outcomes.